Is the prospect to make your life and the lives of many people better because of the decisions you forge ahead with by the choices you make. This means responsibility, and many would just like to blame the world for the problems of the world or the problems they face... or worse yet, they blame God.

I remember giving a talk to class of seniors in a secondary school in Kent, England. One lad asked me something like, 'If God is loving then why are these people in the world dying of hunger?'

I asked them all to put their right hand up in the air. They did.

"Whey did you just put your hand in the air?" I asked.

"Because you told us to!" shouted a student.

"Nope! Wrong. Why did you put your hand up?"

... ... ...               ...

A bright bulbed-headed student (perhaps one who was thinking) said, "Because we chose to".


I then asked the students if they could possible spare £25 per month to feed, cloth and educate a child in a 3rd world country. Most said they could... how many were...? Zero.

"Don't tell me it's God's fault when you are doing nothing with the resources and blessings that he is giving you."