When something is broken, it's not much fun. There isn't really a sense of thankfulness when trying to play a broken game, or drink from a broken cup, or drive a broken a car. When it's broken, there are two solutions: FIX IT~



Pretty recently I decided to spend $5 on a game for my iphone - PAC MAN

Guess what - broken. The game doesn't work as the 'joystick' that you use to navigate PAC MAN through the tunnels eating copious quantities of dots and blue ghost soup... didn't work properly. It veered right when I was heading up. It didn't respond in a PAC life saving fashion - and PAC MAN got eaten - and it wasn't my fault!! NOT FUN!! Now I'm not a big video game fan... but when I do play I want the darn thing to work!

I deleted the game from my phone. I wasted $5 on something that was broken. NAMCO (the creators of the game) need to fix it AND pay me my money back. Both might not happen.

I learned something else... many people are broken and simply don't work the way they should. I daresay each one of us has broken qualities and things are 'working to FIX'. PRAY PRAY PRAY - God can and will fix us and the people we are reaching to - AS WE PRAY!