In the quest to change a city and world for the better, one must begin to search out the dynamics that atmosphere brings to the table. I'm not speaking about the atmosphere surrounding the earth, as in the 'gaseous envelope surrounding the earth' but specifically of the mood, feeling, and dominant influence in an environment.

What do you feel when you walk into your home?

What overtakes you when you walk into the meeting place of your church?

What is the dominant influence of your workplace?

The next questions begs asking... CAN YOU CHANGE IT?

I'm asking you, yeah YOU! - CAN... YOU... CHANGE... IT...?

Now I'm looking at the 100+ people I'm discipling, mentoring and teaching in my ministry at Dunamis Church Sarnia and asking the question - how do I take this ministry, this service to the community to the next level.

It's dawning on me in a new degree... I must teach and demonstrate how to be 'an atmosphere shifter'. If the atmosphere is bad, HOW DO YOU CHANGE IT? If the atmosphere is good, HOW DO YOU MAKE IT BETTER?

Any ideas?