My name is Josh Pitka and I am called to be a revivalist. If you've been around Charismatic Christian circles you may know what I'm talking about - if not you may think I'm weird. Both are true.

I'm me, and I have to be me.

God (the one true God - the God who wrote the Bible [Genesis to Revelation] - the ONE with who I am madly, passionately in love with - the God who saved my life, revealed himself to me, loves me, honours me, enjoys me, speaks to me [in so many ways]) has called me to be a revivalist. says I'm ...

re·viv·al·ist [ri-vahy-vuh-list]  Show IPA



a person, esp. a member of the clergy, who promotes orholds religious revivals.

a person who revives former customs, methods, etc.
but baby I'm so much more than that!!! that definition alone is laughable!! ha ha.. ha :D

Revivalists revive people! They bring life! They bring hope and joy and peace! They make dead stuff come to life! They warm up cold stuff! - and a whole lot more!!

This is who I am - I answered - I'm answering - and I will continue to answer this call.

If you love me - you are blessed - because you now get to enjoy the benefits of who I am.

If you don't love me - I feel sorry for you :( .......... because you're missing out on all I have to offer.

Q - are you walking in your calling? Who are you?