I wrote the following about a month ago in attending a Rick Pino worship concert - I'm sat here in this Rick Pino worship session - Rick is talking about the difficult path, but the glorious path - THE NARROW ROAD - which as we follow Jesus Christ with sustained longevity the path seems to get narrower and narrower, more restricted, more difficult - yet more powerful, more glorious, more intimate.

Yet in this worship service with those saints (about 1000 of them) I feel the spirit of the world - the god of this age intermingled with the worship of Jesus, and my Daddy God. I am here not just for myself, but indeed I am a man of God, and as a warrior of the kingdom of God I have something to give as well as something to receive - everywhere I go. I have something to contribute as well. My relationship with God is impacting people. My very love and intimacy with Jesus is changing and challenging hearts and lives!

Courage is a requirement for kingdom living, and we need more in the church! A laid down life - for intimacy with Jesus.

But what is intimacy with Jesus - and how does it come? Is it this worship service? I would say that this worship service is a part of it - BUT - it is actually a small part. When I get home I have opportunity for intimacy with Jesus. Intimacy with Jesus comes from following Jesus. Pursuing his voice -

This worship session brings intimacy with Jesus as I FOLLOW Jesus - {Pursuing his voice}

My morning intercession brings intimacy as I FOLLOW Jesus - {Pursuing his voice}

My devotion, Bible and book reading and study brings intimacy with Jesus as I FOLLOW - {Pursuing his voice}

My focus and obedience to his promptings and conviction brings intimacy with Jesus as I FOLLOW - {Pursuing his voice}

My meal times and thankfulness bring intimacy as I FOLLOW - {Pursuing his voice}

My evangelism brings intimacy with Jesus as I FOLLOW Jesus! - {Pursuing his voice}

Boldly stepping through the veil of His voice (the Living Word of God) cuts my flesh and fear - and brings intimacy, faith, hope and love. Love casts out - it drives out fear. And I am a warrior of love. A much fruit-bearing believing believer.

INTIMACY THROUGH SURRENDER to his voice... This is the call for every man, woman and child.