I am beginning, continuing rather, to realize with grave depth and concreteness that we as human beings are the products of our choices. WE CANNOT ALWAYS CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS TO US, BUT WE CAN ALWAYS CONTROL WHAT HAPPENS IN US!

To argue otherwise would be to deny your own individuality, your own mind, your own heart.

I truly believe a new world opens up to us when we meet Jesus, and decide to follow him with wholeheartedness. Something deep happens. We realize that we do not have to anymore allow our natural instincts to dictate the course of our lives - but we can now be guided by a higher power - the very Spirit of God.

As a Christian, I no longer believe in nature being the source of abstract fate, but my own God-image spirit being the source of my God-presented destiny.

I am choosing to walk in it... how about you?