Because when you walk away from God - you walk away from the only source of love that can possibly joyfully sustain a marriage relationship. The key word is 'joyfully' because I am fully aware that many a marriage relationship are sustained by different 'happy vices' I would call them - you know what I'm saying? --> entertainment, boos, parties, friends, games - really all the stuff money buys. Then you can perhaps bring a measure of temporary sustainability through sexual stuff and all the world of sexual perversion.

But I posed the question in my last entry - how can you sustain and grow a relationship without God? I don't believe you can - at least not in any sort of long-term healthy way. Thus we have a lot of the crazy relationship stuff in the world that we have today.

So when you backslid away from God you backslide away from love. And if you leave your only source of love that can sustain a relationship - the results will not be pleasant. I am writing this for those even who have been divorced and desire to make their second (should they try) attempt at marriage at successful as possible. If you do not know if the person you are thinking of marrying is committed to God - DON'T DO IT! Nor would I recommend doing it if you are not committed to God. But in whatever state and place you are in - God CAN do anything. Submit to him (love) now and your chances increase exponentially in most areas, except for selfish ambitions... but here is my shpeal on love, mostly written to those who are thinking of marriage yet want to make sure it's the right person - enjoy:

Love is only love if it is free.

Love cannot be controlled or manipulated into its desired response.

Love most often has to ‘let it go’ to ‘let it grow’.

It is better to let something or someone go and find out it is not meant to be than to try to control, coerce, or manipulate in order to achieve the desire result, for to maintain the desire, whatever power brought the desire to fulfillment will be the same power that must maintain the growth of that fulfilled desire.

Love is always built on the foundation of trust, for love cannot fear, because love and fear do not co-exist long without one eventually overcoming the other.

The best thing one can do as a father, a mother, a husband, a wife, a pastor, or a leader in any arena of life, is to simply teach what you know to the best of your ability, then allow people to choose which way they will walk.  By releasing people you then give them the ability and opportunity to grow the only way that matters, in love.

The only way a person can grow in love is if they choose out of their heart and freedom to respond to the options they have in front of them, the way they know God is leading them to respond.  If they respond in the way they know God is not leading them, then they sin, thus giving the devil opportunity to plant his evil desires in their heart.  If they do not repent and ask the Spirit of God to remove those seeds, they will grow inside of the heart, and yield destructive, demonic thoughts, actions and habits.  These will soon bring forth measures of death and disease in that one’s life, and can influence others as well.

Jesus said, ‘This is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.’

God is love.  God would only be love if he gave people the choice to love.  It is either love or be destroyed. Selfishness is the opposite of love because it exists only to further its own desires.  If a person lives only to fulfill their own limited desires, they will eventually run out of desires, because man cannot live apart from his creator, God.  Just as a car cannot live and exist without its creator, man.  Man is useless to exist apart from God, just as a car is useless apart from man.  A man must be humble, mouldable, teachable, and yielded before his creator, God, to be of any use to God, just as a car must be yielded and workable in the hands of man to be of any use.  If a man is prideful and won’t listen to God, there is no longer use for that man, other than to be destroyed, because he is not yielded to the creator’s desired purpose for him.  God will give the man grace and mercy, attempting the lead the man into His desired plan for him, because God loves the man which He created.  But if the man is ruthless in his own pursuits, rejecting the counsel of his creator and maker, there is no choice but for that creator to rid himself of the man, since he is not willing to accept that he is accountable to his maker.  In the same way, if a car is not producing the desired results, the maker will modify, work on, and give that car what it needs to produce the results the creator of that automobile desires.  If it does not produce, it is no good but for the scrape yard.

Understandably, the above comparison is dreadfully dubious when comparing God in creating man with man in creating cars, but the general understanding released is nonetheless accurate.  The only inaccuracy is the infinite love for man that God possesses.  That of a God who is love, and the limited love a man has for a car.  The ability for man to choose therefore has no comparison with the inability of a car to choose.  Therefore man and cars have nothing in common but this: they were both created, and they are both expendable.

Thus the word of God exhorts us, “Why oh man do you suppose that you are something, when you are nothing?”

To understand that we are nothing without the breath of God giving us life is one of the first keys to loving a God, whom without Him, we would simply cease to even exist.  The revelation of God as the creator of all should place within us a reverence and honour for God, a willingness to obey His commandments, and a desire to know and love Him the way He created us to know and love Him.  To reject God is to reject our very purpose for even existing.  Then to reject God and even one of His commandments is the most foolish thing a human being can possibly do.  Yet, God must give mankind the option to reject Him, otherwise no man or woman would have the opportunity to love Him from their heart.  Opportunity without option is void and does not exist.  Opportunity can only exist if there are options to choose from.  If there is only one door to go through, there is no option, therefore there is no real opportunity to decide anything, except whether or not to enter the door.

So if you walk away from God - you walk from love. And if you walk away from love - you walk away from from the potential to success in a marriage relationship. If you then decide to go forward in a relationship where you and your potential spouse are not totally committed to God - you are probably in for a mess - even a divorce.

Going to get off the divorce topic and focus on some more results of backsliding -