The main point of the last entry can be summed up quite simply in saying, "A good way to practice for a divorce with your future spouse is to backslide away from your relationship with God". Now in saying that, I need to make a few things clear.

1) God's heart is for restoration, but not all things can be restored: Meaning that even if you have backslid away from your previous relationship with God, you can always come back to him at any time and renew your love for him. He will always take you back. The problem lies in the fact that people will not always. God has made his intentions clear on the cross - the restoration of humanity in every way: spiritually, emotionally, and physically. There are however some things that often cannot be restored, once they are lost.

Sometimes a marriage cannot be restored, because one party is unwilling to work on it further. Marriage is obviously a two-way street, but if one is unwilling to make amends - the result will almost certainly be divorce. This lack of character on the part of one unwilling person can have devastating effects - because he or she has not cultivated the character and willingness to work stuff out in the marriage relationship. Thus they are 'backsliding away' from their marriage covenant relationship. They are drawing back from the conflict that results from two people living and doing most of their life together. They draw back from these conflicts because they have made a habit of drawing back from conflict. They draw back because they have not allowed God to love, change, and deal with them as his child. Which brings me to point 2 -

2) When you backslide away from God, you stop growing in any way that truly matters: This may sound like a harsh statement, but it is absolutely true. The word of God verifies that there is nothing good in us apart from God's grace (Romans 3). The only growth that matters is growth in the grace of God. There is no real joy, peace, or life apart from Jesus Christ (see 1 John 5). When you stop growing as a person, you must resort to finding ways to numb the boredom or being boring. In my Canadian society - movies, television, games of various sorts, alcohol, drugs, and illicit relationship of sorts numb most of the pain of not having life. So many people I know are spiritually dead, and need to find ways to maintain a sense of fun and happiness so they don't go crazy.

Let me ask you question: What substance does a relationship have without God?

Think about it for a few minutes.




If your heart is hungry for truth - I believe you would think and answer: not much. But the truth is graver than that. The answer is: Nothing.


Yep, nothing.

If all I have to offer my future wife is me and what I can think of, do, and be apart from God... how boring is that? Me before Jesus was a poser, pot-smoking, selfish, 'going-no-where-in-life', rebellious, thieving, lying... the list goes on and on and on... you get the picture though... it wasn't pretty.

And even if I cleaned up my act later on by modifying behaviors and changing as much as I could. Then what? Work? Money? Bigger toys? ... nothing...

What can I offer my wife to satisfy the depths of her love-thirsty soul? My love..? What is love?

Part 3 tomorrow.