I heard a story of a donkey that fell into a deep man-made hole. The donkey for the life of him could not get out of the hole, and there was no way that Bob, the owner could get him out. So Bob decided to  do the most humane thing - he decided to fill the hole with dirt and kill his donkey quickly, rather than letting him suffer of hunger for a longer period of time. So he began... But each time Bob put another shovel load on the back of his donkey, he would shake the dirt off and take a step up... pressing down the dirt under his feet -

Another shovel - another step up

Another shovel - another step up

Another shovel - another step up...

This happened until Bob could touch the back of his donkey - amazed at his mammal's perseverance to not sit there and die but to fight for his life.

His donkey repeated the steps until he was out of the hole - alive and well... stronger than ever because of the exercise of his determination not to sit there, cry, and die... but every time another seemingly fatal shovel full of dirt fell on his back, he shook it off, and took a step up!

You catch the gist...

I believe so strongly that people who journey into greatness are people who not only fight for survival like this donkey did - but are those who create opportunities out of obstacles, and choose to view every trial, hardship, or problem that comes their way as an opportunity - a stepping stone to the next level of greatness.

I encourage you to persevere - to not give up, but to take every opportunity as a lesson to excel!