Creativity, inspiration, innovation, charisma, uniqueness, intelligence, stamina, fortitude, character... all these words and many more would spontaneously come to my mind as I think about what makes someone great. Today I really want to break down one simply truth to being great - be you!

If I could make it bigger font, I would. This is the biggest key to greatness.

I once heard my pastor, Brendan Witton, say this, "The anointing that God has for Brendan Witton works best when Brendan Witton is being Brendan Witton".

In other words, you are going to begin to excel when you start to identify... you. Then excel at being the unique, authentic, you! that you are created to be! Because THE BIGGEST, THE HUGEST, THE MOST IMPORTANT area to understand - is "who you are".

The problem is this: you don't know who you are until you know where you've come from - and you know who you belong to.

The greatest search of the ages, in regards to individual pursuits, is the pursuit of identity.

"Who am I?"

"What am I made of?"

"What am I here for?"

These questions usually come in sequence.

In highschool (still like this) there is an ongoing and sometimes drastic (almost eerie sometimes) search for identity. You're either a jock or a prep or urban or a geek or a barbie or a goth or a skank or a queer or quite recently an 'emo'... and there's a thousand more. Many want to label you something because they don't know who they are themselves. It at least makes them feel a little better to demean you, because they lift themselves above you a little bit more. When I met Jesus all the sudden I was the druggie turned 'religion freak'! Lack of known identity causes major insecurity, which is turn creates MOST of the worlds problems.

My journey in greatness starts and is fueled by this: I belong to God, because I've trusted in Christ, received his grace, and now I'm a part of his kingdom!

Literally, as I learn more about God, and know him more - This happens: I learn more about myself, and know myself more.

My calling, my gifts, my passions, yeah, my entire identity - is shaped by knowing Christ. Because I find myself in him.

Do you know him? Do you know yourself?

Your journey to greatness starts and is fueled by that this alone: KNOWING GOD (MORE).

We'll do part 3 tomorrow!