Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself when I try and try and try and try - only to fail again or lose. It's not like I want to lose - MAN, I like every other normal human being on this planet, want to win. If you don't want to win... stop being a weirdo! :D I want to win in life, in games, with friends, with dang everything. I especially want to win over my struggles! I want to conquer it and move onto the next one. I don't want to apathetically sit back and lull myself to sleep with entertaining diversions, and not face my struggles. I want to conquer my struggles and be the history maker God has called me to be! Yes, so admittedly I get WAY frustrated when I lose, especially when I know full-well I have capability galore and should be triumphing in everything I put my hand to.

So here is the simply truth of this blog post: When I keep failing at something repeatedly, I need to:




After I have done these three things - I am free to try again, hopefully with increased results.

Let me go a little deeper before I end this post...

I have heard it said many times before,

"It is a form of insanity do the same thing over and over and over, and expect different results."

If this were true, I am insane! But I do it... shucks!!! I do it all the time!

I try - and fail.

I try again (the same way) - Same thing - fail!

Frustration kicks in - which doesn't help.

Then I try while frustrated, harder this time! But alas - the same failing results.

Now I'm not only frustrated, I'm mad. So I think to myself - If I try REALLY REALLY HARD, I can do this!

... you get the picture.

If you're asking to what I'm referring, you can just fill in your blank!...

...parenting, a project, a relationship, a job, a mindset, a .. struggle. Something in life that you are working toward, and you want to win at!


What you need first is to relax and get your bearings. So I will quickly explain a simply process I find successful and brings results.

STOP - doing the same thing over and over again that frustrates you and isn't bringing the results you are looking for.

THINK - where can I go to get understanding, resources, advice, help so I can learn new or better methodology to attack this 'thing' - whatever it is. Where can you get some advice? Who has conquered the same thing you are battling? (The Bible has some great stuff in it. More often than not I am ONE WORD, THOUGHT, OR CONCEPT from God away from...

LEARN - this is where you gain intelligence! :D This is where you can breath a breath of fresh air and approach your struggle from a new vantage point! Read a book. Watch a lesson or some teaching on whichever subject  you need. (Again, the Word of God is so vital!)

Then... after some learning.

Attack it again! You can save yourself YEARS of pain and loss! If you keep losing - repeat process.

I want to choose my battles carefully. So if it's something I NEED to do, learn, etc. I will find a way - but I will not approach it with insanity, frustration, and anger, but with the wisdom of Stopping - Thinking - and Learning.