I thank God that Christianity is not a self-help religion. God is not trying to 'get me better' - as if I'm not good enough right now the way I am. Because of the grace of God, my sins have been forgiven and I am perfect in Christ Jesus. However, I do have tendencies that often keep me from maximizing my resources for his glory. My main resources being: - my time

- my talents and gifts

- my money

- my energy and affection

I have 24 hours in a day to accomplish stuff, just as everyone else in the world does.

This month, starting today on CANADA DAY!! (woop woop!!) I want to maximize every moment that my life possesses. I want to use every penny I earn (or find) for things that matter. In a world in which I look around and constantly see people wasting so much of their lives (life resources) I want to 'get better daily' at utilizing everything small. I want to be more faithful than I've ever been with every small I can (and big thing as well) which has been entrusted to me. May every iota my being and substance glorify God!

(more on this tomorrow)