Hey guys, I know I know I know. It's been 7 days (technically because if after midnight right now) since I've shot you all a blog. I apologize, and I will do my very best for it never to happen again!

I was so busy last week with so much intense and awesome ministry and could write you easily a few pages about all the happenings of the week. Men, women, young people, and children are being ministered to on a weekly basis through Dunamis Church. There is a lot happening, that is for sure! We are probably ministering and reaching out to over 100 people these days - and in all ways we are continuing to increase every day as we push forward into our kingdom purpose and destiny as a church.

My topic for this blog is 'more excellence', because God is putting it my very guts. In the very fibres of my being is a passionate zeal to continue tp become more excellent on a daily basis. I'm learning that so many of the things that I've struggled with are simply tendencies that need to be confronted, repented of, and broken by the grace of God. Then instead of going with the norm I simply go after God's will with all that I am.

Well I'm lying here on my parent's couch about to sleep - because I need it!

Love you in Jesus Christ - and I bless you in Jesus name to become more excellent in the pursuit of your God-given destiny - in Jesus name!