There is a price to pay for revival.The creating of momentum in the spirit often comes on the heels of radical behavior! We need to be okay with that as the church.

Jesus never said, "Everything is going to be easy. Relax on your couch and watch re-runs and I'll just move! Go on, take it easy!"

Naw... common now. Let's get real! There is a price to pay for this things!

The word encourages such behavior: Early morning prayer (Psalm 63) Praying without ever stopping (1 Thessalonians 5) Prayer with fasting (2 Corinthians 6) Living as dead to yourself - as a sacrifice (Romans 12) And much more...

All this is well worth it though. We are fueled by seeing people get saved, lives changed, bodies healed, marriages restored, financial situations mended, and on and on and on...!

Yes, there is a price to pay. Sometimes it might feel like hell, but I guarantee, it'll be worth it!

Come spirit of God and move over this generation!