It is our choice as the people of God - as the church of God to go as far as high-reaching as we desire in our influence of society. This morning after morning prayer I was so tempted to go back home to my nice cozy bed and sleep a few more hours. It's not that doing that would be wrong or sinful - it's just a major part of me knew the reason was that I felt a little discouraged from the last Friday night at church and the somewhat uneventful weekend I had. (Yes, sometimes even Pastor Josh feels the hit of discouragement).

But I had somewhat of an epiphany today, in a fresh way. Here is it:

I have the to (in this case) either lay down and wallow in a feeling of defeat and feel sorry for myself and sleep simply because I feel emotionally exhausted from the battle. OR - Take my stand against the spiritual foes that are attacking me and go on the offensive the entire day. Well, I decided to do the latter! Even though I don't feel it was a perfect day - I went forward, I created momentum, I contributed to the movement that God I trying to get accelerated to the next level with the awesome people I have the privilege of leading.

IT IS MY CHOICE to raise up this movement! I'm realizing steadily that is move of God is up to me and the people God has placed in our team and in our church! I determine: My work ethic My values My obedience My passion My prayers and decrees and declarations and confessions My attitude My willingness My creativity and innovative thinking

I think the devil loves to say, "Wait till tomorrow and then ___________" (whatever God is putting in your heart to do!) "You have tomorrow." No devil, tomorrow I will do what God has for me tomorrow. TODAY I WILL DO HIS WILL TODAY! The enemy will whatever he can to slow you down or stop you! SO a major key is - DO NOT BE STOPPED! Go forward today!!!

Let's create this momentum together! You have so much to contribute - regardless of how you feel - today!