Grace is the stuff that saves sinners. Grace is the stuff that heals sick bodies. Grace is the stuff that delivers captives and casts out demons. And grace is the stuff the builds churches. This grace has come as the result of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, taking the sin of the world on Himself, and paying the full price for the sin of humanity. Then, in His resurrection, He is now the Saviour of the world - and all who come to Him can receive pardon for their lives of sin, and come into the presence of the Father, by way of release and escape from their sin, being washed by His blood. Aye, the mystery of the gospel of Jesus Christ! How awesome is He! The strength and depth and breadth of the church's influence in a geographical location, be it a house, city, region, or nation is the direct result of the influence of the kingdom of God in that same location. It is in the natural as it is in the spiritual.

The only way the church grows is when we experience more of the kingdom of God influencing the hearts of men (the kingdom of God being the direct influence of the Word and Spirit of God). And the only way we experience more of the kingdom is by the shear grace of God.

The great Apostle Paul said in scripture, "I am who I am by the grace of God." In another place he states, "I laboured more than all the other apostles, yet it was not I but the grace of God in me."

Grace is how we build churches. I have learned that the same stuff that saved me, healed me and set me free from every oppression, is the same stuff that builds the church.

Today I am seeking that grace, and the increase of the dominion of Jesus Christ that it brings.

I encourage you to receive His forgiveness, and ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life in a fresh way and build you up. After all, after all your striving and work and trying to get better and be better, inevitably to fail yet again - you and I have the same thing to help us, heal us, build us up, and set us into our divine destiny - AMAZING GRACE!

Let's receive a fresh dose today - WE NEED IT!