Hey there, To you who may be reading this right now - hi! Nice to meet you! Even though I'm not really meeting you - you are simply reading my blog from all the way back to Saturday, June 19th, 2010 - which is actually today for me!

If I are reading this any time in 2010, I probably know you, as you either go to the church I pastor and lead - Dunamis Church - or you 'googled' my name or however you got here. I say that because I've definitely let this blog slide a little lately in the fact that I haven't posted much of substance on it - but I definitely desire to - AND AM GOING TO - as God teaches me, leads me, et cetera. So I imagine you are reading this in some future year because of the future massive of this ministry that is already in my heart and hearts and burns in probably every fiber of my being. So I welcome to you to my somewhat pitiful blog as of now (I say that lovingly of myself) BUT it is and will get better. (I say pitiful not because it hasn't been good, it's just I know that I'm capable of so incredibly much more - and I'm choosing with all my guts to rise to the occasion! :D

In any case - let me get straight to the point of this blog. I'm on a journey to raise up a church in the city of which I have occupied mostly permanent residence for the last nearly 10 years - and pastored a church (starting from scratch) for over 5.

So much to say - it's late - so I will say more tomorrow. For now I'm going to change the name of this blog from "Josh Pitka and His Best Friend God" to "Josh Pitka, His Best Friend God, and the Mega Church Journey"

Explain more tomorrow. I'm scheduling it in now.

If you are one of the few people who at this present time regularly read this blog, you're in for a treat. It's only gonna get better from here!

Loving God and the church. Trying to love to the lost!