It's amazing to me when I look back on where I've come from (at age 16 freshly saved by the grace of God from a life of drug addiction, thievery, and rebellion) to where I am now 11 years later (pastoring and leading Dunamis Church Sarnia, travelling to different parts of the world to preach the gospel, living the life of my dreams). I owe everything to the grace of God! Yet, the stinging reality is that we are not where we are in life because God FORCES us to go there. His grace enables, empowers, and strengthens us for the journey. His power preserves and protects us from harm and evil. His light gives us the ability to perceive, understand and have perspective and creates an attitude and fortitude within us to keep going strong. Yet the fact of the matter is that the result of our lives is 100% God's doing - and 100% our doing!

This is the nature of our walks with God. God gives the grace - we walk in it. All of God is given. The question is: How much of yourself are you willing to give?

For me I have maintained that I have always 'tried my best' - even in times of recognizable dismal failure. But I get back up, brush off, and continue to trust in the grace of God. The grace of God is what saved me - and I know I can't take ANY credit for that! And I believe the grace of God is what has built, and will continue to build not only me, but the church. Yet my resolve to do whatever I can by any means with the strength I have to ACCESS that grace and GET BETTER every day. I want all of God - so I will continually give all of me!

I determine to get better today - to get stronger - to get sharper - to get more organized - to hear more clearly - to be more pure - to make better choices.

Today - I only have today.

Let's get att-er!