It's been a while I know. Too long.

Again, I'm sorry. I use this blog sometimes because I want to reach people - like you :D Then sometimes I use it to release my own thoughts and pondering. But now, I want to use it to create.

I'm realizing now more than ever, at the tender yet strong age of 27, I have something of immense measure and value to offer my world. The stuff brewing inside of this love-crazed-for-Jesus pastor and evangelist is, to say the very least, intense.

If you haven't heard my last for sermons at Dunamis Church, you can check them out HERE

The MESSAGES ARE ENTITLED , dadadadaaaa   THINK <--

I want to challenge myself and you to EXERCISE YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS!

How do you do that - THINK. Listen to the messages and let me know what YOU THINK!

BLESSING ON YOUR SUNDAY (or whatever day you are reading this blog) :D