April 1st, 2010 today. And today for me is a special day for me, because it marks the completion of 5 years of full-time ministry and the 5th birthday since the official launch of the church I started and pastor, Dunamis Church Sarnia. I love the beginning of months - and I absolutely LOVE the beginning of new SEASONS! For me, starting new is a time to think fresh, act fresh, be fresh, and just definitely STARTING FRESH!

By STARTING FRESH I mean that you put all that is in the past behind you. You take your successes and say, "That was good, and thank God for all the victorious choices I've made - yet I am pressing in today for another victorious day, today! This week! This month! This year! And every subsequent moment of my life!" Yet you also take your failures, recognize them, repent (change the way you think) of them and move forward as well, saying "I cannot change that moment, but what can I do (if anything) to rectify it? And what I can do ensure that it won't happen again? I am deciding to let regret turn to resolve, and learn from each mistake I've made, and get better!"

STARTING FRESH TODAY - I've started a new prayer initiative in the church where I am praying every morning (6 days a week) from 7 - 8am for the church, ministry, etc. Also really desiring to nail disciplines and continue to grow as a person. As well, knowing God is calling me to launch out more and more in evangelism and traveling!

What can you START FRESH in today? Encourage you to pick up, and move forward in your life, calling, destiny and future! God truly has SO MUCH for you!