Enjoy this writing I recently sent out to my Facebook Group: Dunamis Church Love you and enjoy!

Joshua Pitka

Subject: THE Message

There is only one thing that my life is centered around. There are many peripheral things but there is only one centre - The GOD-MAN Jesus Christ.

Guys he is REAL! He is more real and more important to me than anything else in my one Canadian filled life. I have all the entertainment and alcohol and friends and fun at my doorstep like the next guy. I have no hang-ups, and I'm fun to be around and have always been popular - but none of that matter without Jesus. None of that matters without a daily connection to the life God offers humanity in Jesus Christ. I'm not even very religious - I'm just stricken with love and guilt and passion for a man - a man who has stolen my heart and captured my attention with his beauty. God is love - but too bad so many of us still choose selfishness over serving others with our lives. I encourage you to meet the one who has become my centre - pray with me~

"Jesus come and reveal yourself to me! - show me who you really are! AMEN!"

I encourage you with all my heart to get cho butt into a church where you can learn about how to truly have something deep with God. Many churches are not relevant, religious, etc. But below I'll list some that hopefully are in your area, that you could visit! Starting with the awesome one I lead! (hehe :D)

http://www.facebook.com/l/4c274;www.dunamis.ca - Dunamis Church Sarnia http://www.facebook.com/l/4c274;www.churchwithoutlimits.com - In Pickering and Toronto http://www.facebook.com/l/4c274;www.theembassyofgod.com - In Oshawa

May the power of God heal you and change you as you read this!