A little Facebook blast I sent out to the Dunamis Church FB group, and wanted to post... enjoy!: Subject: BURNING!

Hey guys,

I'm sitting here after a time of prayer with some of our leadership and my heart is burning with passion for Him, for the church and the kingdom of God, and for the lost.

For those of you who do not know, I am the pastor of a growing church called "Dunamis Church Sarnia" which low and behold, is in Sarnia. Things are going strong with the local church.

Now I am sensing so strongly that God is pushing more and more out evangelistically to travel more. I've been in contact with a pastor from Tanzania, Africa, in the coast city of Bukoba. In short I will be doing my first crusade to that city in last April of this year! Exciting! We are believing for 500 salvations and will be ministering to approximately 80 pastors from the local villiages during the day in the pastors and leaders seminars. This is not with under another ministry, this is me and another guy going to Africa to believe for the harvest and revival! JESUS!!

I will def. keep you guys updated, as before. I think a weekly FB update keeps a good level of relationship and awareness.

I would ask each of you to pray about if you are meant to help OR partner with me financial and in prayer. I am led to call my evangelistic leg of the ministry, 'WAKE UP THE WORLD' - The Evangelistic Ministry of Joshua Pitka. (catchy eh!) haha, but I have the desire BURNING in my heart to wake up our world, and the church, with the reality, power, passion, fire, and love of our God! Pray and ask the Lord! If you have in your heart to partner with me, then email me or contact me and I will send you the form!

If you are not a believer or Christian (and I am aware many of you are not) of course do not feel this is an appeal for money, it is not. Just want to give opportunity to partner for the opportunity of seeing lives changes by the amazing reality of the kingdom of God!

Bless you all and see a lot of you at our meeting tomorrow night!