hey this is an email I just sent out to some peops... encourage you to 'keep it real' in your walk with God and life! hey guys and gals,

wanted to send a little encouragement. the bible says, 'check yourself and make sure you are in the faith' (my paraphrase).

to me, faith is simple: obedience to God

last night I was out preaching the gospel downtown to a couple of guys and saw walk past me a man whom I know is a believer, goes to church and has a solid career and family. He was also smoking, cussing and checking out a local pub. this man needs to check himself out... because in the very least he is playing the role of a hypocrite and damaging his testimony and eternity.

I know so many of us (including me) have suffered major blows in this life. life often hurts. a lot. but be encouraged to not mask that pain with sin and junk (boos, dope, movies, entertainment, illicit sexual stuff, overworking, foolish friendships, et cetera) and by foolish friendships I mean relationships that are not fruitful and blessed by God.

encourage you all to 'get plugged in' get accountable, and GROW in your faith --> obedience to God. because to obey God and follow God is obey love and follow love. To disobey is selfish and sin.

Love y'all massive!