I spoke a message at my church last Friday night entitled "Maturity Pt. 1 - Trials". It was a very intense word I think my peops received it well. The talk had a lot to deal with allowing the Lord to be the potter in our lives and literally put us in the "Potter's wheel" (see Jeremiah 18:1-6 from the Bible)and form our hearts, souls, and minds according to his will. Although we did not get this message recorded (need to get sharper on this) I wanted to post a word from Pastor Cesar Castellanos regarding a time when his life was hanging in the balance due to an attempted murder. He was shot 3 times: once in the head, then in the chest, and another place. This is what his wife Claudia writes regarding the incident: "The enemy had indeed stolen from us and wanted to kill us, and he wanted to destroy the life of my husband, our ministry, and thereby extinguish a light that illuminates our nation. When the Lord delivered us it was like being born again and experiencing a new awakening. Cesar and I think that something in us died there and now look at life in a different way. We have never worried about material things, but have now realized that life is fragile and that what we do for the Lord is of the greatest value. Following this experience, we are more certain that God wants to take us to victory. The Bible says that after Satan tempted Jesus, who in turn defeated him with the power of His Word, Jesus returned anointed by the Holy Spirit. We now have a greater authority based on God's Word and have received a special anointing to reach the hearts of gunmen, guerrillas and violent people because of lives have pleased the Lord."

Be encouraged to press through trials and attacks because when you do, you will find yourself in a greater place of authority afterward!

Cesar and Claudia Castellanos (below) are the Founding Pastors of the International Charismatic Mission in Bogota, Colombia. The church currently has over 150,000 members.
César and Claudia Castellanos