Hey y'all! Found this excerpt of a book by Mike Bickle from my pastor's blog. Really spoke to me where we are at as a church! Read it and start to build! GRACE GRACE!!! :)


Shouting at a Stone

November 3, 2009

Here is another great excerpt from Passion for Jesus (Mike Bickle) that really impacted me:

“From here, let me give you the Mike Bickle paraphrase of Zechariah 4:6-10 -

Zerubbabel had tried to get people to work on rebuilding the temple, but they were so discouraged that no one would work. So the disheartened governor sat down on a huge stone, looking around at the heaps of rubble from what had once been a great temple before the Babylonian army destroyed it in 586 BC.

“Jerusalem is in total ruins,” Zerubabbel sighed. “There is nothing left of this city. Toppled stones and debris everywhere. This place is a disaster.”

Just then, young Zechariah, the prophet tapped Zerubbabel on the shoulder. He said “How’s it going in your work to rebuild the city and the temple?”

“What a disaster!” moaned Zerubbabel. “Nobody showed up for work again today. Here I am, ‘the great restorer of the land of Israel.’ We are supposed to raise up this temple to the glory of God but I cannot get anyone inspired to work on it.”

“Zerubbabel, God is with you.”

Looking up at the young prophet, Zerubbabel questions, “God is with us?”

“Of course He is. The very fact that you are in the city and no longer in captivity is proof of that. God says that your hands have laid the foundation of this house, and you hands will finish it. But there’s something you must do first.”

Zerubbabel moaned and shook his head.

“No, no. Listen to me. See that stone over there almost hidden by grass and weeds? That’s the capstone, the finishing stone for the new temple. Its the final stone the people will put into place, the stone that signifies the building is completed.”

“Yeah, OK. So?”

“Well, God says you’re to shout, ‘Grace, grace!’ to it.”

“To what?”

“To the stone.”

“I’m supposed to shout at a stone?”

“Listen to me, Zerubbabel. God said to tell you, ‘it is not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.’ You’re supposed to put your confidence in the grace of God. That’s what shouting ‘Grace!’ is all about. Come on now. Get up, walk over there, and shout, ‘Grace! Grace!’”

Zechariah, I know you mean well But I’m already having trouble getting people to follow me. If they see me standing out here in the middle of these weeds, shouting at a rock – “

“Zerubbabel, are you going to obey the LORD or not? Are you going to trust His grace, or aren’t you? Now say it!”

“Ok. What have I to lose? I’ll do it. Here goes: “Grace… grace…”

“No, no, that will never do. Shout it man! Like this: Grace! GRACE!”

After a couple halfhearted shouts, both stood silently looking gat the stone. Finally Zechariah said, “You know what’s the matter with you, Zerubbabel? You despise the days of small beginnings.”

Zerubbabel made no reply, and Zechariah continued, “Because you do not see a lot happening around your right now, you’re counting these days as unimportant. You have thrown them away as irrelevant. But the very fact that you’re here in the land is the beginning of the move of God. There  is something very great he wants to perform.”

“It doesn’t feel like a move of God to me.”

“That’s because you’re out of touch with how God sees it. You are despising what is happening now because it looks small. It is small, but it is also real; and it is legitimate. All these obstacles that look like great mountains will become a flattened plain. You’ll see the day when the temple is complete and the capstone is set in place. Why wait until that great day when the last finishing touch is pout on the temple before you begin to see the validity of your work? Begin praising God right now, and trust Him that your efforts are relevant even in this day of small beginnings.”

(Passion for Jesus, Pg 184-186)