Hey y'all! So get this: two weeks ago to the day I'm in my office praying and God is just speaking to me strongly.  He is talking to me about hitting the streets and stuff (I explained it in an earlier blog).  So I kinda didn't feel like going out today, but I felt the Lord Jesus tell me to go out at 5pm.  So off Seb (my intern from England) and I go to the harvest field (the harvest field being the people all around who need Jesus and who need to be encouraged.

It was a typical beginning... talked to a few youth and stuff.  Then parked in the town houses off of Indian Rd like right on Confederation St and walked around for a bit.  Talked to a guy for a bit until some serious anger (a demonic spirit) manifested in him and so we wuz out.  Then talked to a guy and found out he knew me from about 2 years ago at the Annex (a local Christian youth drop in centre).  We drove him to his destination and then talked for a bit.  Seemed he had some massive pain in his back and stuff.  So I offered to pray for him and he accepted.

As I started to pray I felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit going through me at a massive 'voltage'.. it was WAY intense, perhaps one of the strongest times I've felt it like that.  So God healed his back, which had been in quite a lot of main for months.  Then we found out that he was blind in one eye.  So I prayed for that... and as I did I put my thumb on his eyelid and commanded it to be healed in Jesus Christ's name!  And 'craziest' thing (actually fully normal for God), it was healed!  He had a blind eye for 3 years that opened!

So I'm like... yeah God!  God did a lot more this evening but no time to write it now because I need to sleep and get up at like 5am cuz I'm meeting some guys for prayer at 6.. am! haha