Okay guys, so here's the honest deal: I have found out beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world is so massively hungry for God.  I went out preaching tonight (just basically driving around with Carla Raes looking for anybody and everybody to talk to about Jesus) and had a powerful time of ministry.  Talked to different people, prophesied over a few, prayed for at least one.  All 10+ people I talked to today (probably actually around 20) seemed open to the gospel.

Back to the deal though: I know the church I pastor is called to grow and grow and grow and grow and grow... in leaps and bounds.  I've been fighting for the last 4 and a 1/2 years to see people get saved (and stick with Jesus), healed, delivered from oppression and depression, et cetera.  We have an awesome church group now of about 50 peops who I absolutely love to bits...!!! but I KNOW there is so much that God wants to do.  There are so many more ... wait, no, let me just say this: GOD WANTS THIS WHOLE CITY!



It's really time for us to wake up as the bride of Christ and BURN with HOLY PASSION for the kingdom of GOD to INVADE every social stratosphere, business, school, college, university, and home... and church!

It is so time... like it has never been time before... it is time NOW.

Well I'm waking myself up yo... God is the one really doing it... but I'm agreeing and complying and yielding to him!

So get this: I'm in my office last night and the Holy Spirit is speaking to me and convicting my socks off... and he's like: "I want you to preach to 10 people 5 days a week... go for 3 consolidation meeting a day as well (okay, that's like meeting up with people that make a decision to follow Christ and doing some follow up with them to immediately strengthen their faith and stuff)... "

So basically I am called to preach.

And here is reality as I know it: SO ARE YOU!  You are called to be a radical, nation shaking revivalist.  I'm starting to get convinced that God takes people, not who are talented and full of themselves... but simply people who are willing and say yes.


Nuff for now. 

It is time!