Hey guys, Okay, I think for the next few months (maybe like 3) I'm going to focusing almost exclusively on the vast and mega important subject of 'LEADERSHIP'.  There is so much to say really, but I want to start with a few thoughts and progress from there. 

Leadership 101: Stretching Moments

When you give your all and obdy God it is sometimes incredibly stretching.  But after that moment of faith stretching you are not only better off for it, as your faith has increased, but you will rarely if ever remember that pain of the moment.  In contrast, if you do not obey God, the pain and remorse of that unfulfilled moment in time can last years or an entire lifetime, depending on the gravity of the moment.

I think the main point is this: to be a good leader you have to become a good follower, and there is only one truly worth following - Jesus.

Time to obey like never before, and live every day as if it were the most important day of your life!  Truly every day is massively jam packed with eternal and infinite potential!