Okay now.  It's 11:57pm and I'm dreadfully tired, but my spirit man is standing up straight because of the revelation I'm receiving. I had solid aspirations to write on my blog every day.  I realize now that unless I get about 7 times more disciplined with my daily life than I am at this present time, that is not going to happen in the next few weeks.  I would like to write in it every day, but I have some growing to do.  Perhaps... it is not God's will that I write in it every day, but every other day or every third day.  Anyway, the point is that I want to, and will, continue to write in my blog regularily.  I like having a blog.  And I like that YOU are reading it right now.  You make me fee l special! :-)

Let me get down to some bidness: :)

I think one of the of THE MOST important things that needs to be addressed in the church today (at least in the churches I flow in) is the need for brutal honesty.  Because the reality is this: when we get honest, we get humble.  And when we get humble, we get obedient.  And when we get obedient (of couse to God), we get powerful.  And when we get powerful, we get fruitful.  And when we get fruitful, the Father (God) is glorified.  And EVERYTHING goes a WHOLE lot better in the earth when God gets glorifed!!!

Yet it all starts with honesty doesn't it?  It all starts with an honest evaluation of: "this is who I am."  "This is what I am made of."  "That is what I've done."  "This is what I haven't done."  "This is what I'm going to do."  "This is where I'm at."  "This..." fill in the blanks from there...

We all have perceived needs when it comes to the bare knuckle approach to wrestling out the what/hows/where's/why's/who's of the will of God.  All of those perceived "needs" must be measured out and approached with utmost care and consideration through the WORD of GOD and the godly mentors, pastors, parents around us that are helping to shepherd and lead us so we don't end up in a place of sin/death!  Thank God for my pastor! www.brendanwitton.com

But this is the reality: if you want to get free, you need to get honest with where you are at and where you need to 'go' to get to that place of freedom in Christ.  Repentace, confession of and turning from sin, brokenness... these all need to happen, and happen on a regular basis to stay in a place of freedom.  And you need to acknowledge what is hindering you so you can repent and changeeeee (and/or get rid of/out of the way what is hindering you) so you can get there.

The above are some  thoughts on honesty beging the tap root of a whole lot of blessing and freedom...

Anyway, I realized something in the youth cell we had tonight.  We almost had 20 kids out and that was fun!! WOOT!! JESUS!!  I realize though that God will continue to move more as we press in more.  He will continue to heal the sick as we pray for the sick.  He will continue to build the church as we seek first his kingdom and obey his commands.  Honestly, if we want more we have to seek him more.

Honestly, I'm going there!  Come and join me!!!

Will write again soon!

The first person that responds witha comment to this blog, I'm going to give you a sucker!!!  Promise!

Pastor Josh out...