Hey guys, one of the young women whom I have the honour to pastor penned these words below on her facebook.  Good thoughts and wanted to share them with you... So heres what is on my mind tonight: Young people, and their desperation to be loved.

Here's some advce. DO NOT AWAKEN LOVE BEFORE ITS TIME. I see so many young kids going around trying to make "true love" well.. its not. You're wasting your heart and energy on it instead of focusing it into loving God. During some quiet time, I was praying about some stuff. and God just kind of asked.. "Do you not trust me?" I was trying to make myself feel good by creating a relationship, as if i didnt trust God to bring me that person that was right for me. And now i see so many kids going around with a whole bunch of "interests".. do you not trust God? Come on! WHERE IS THE GENERATION THAT WANTS GODS LOVE? where is the generation thats got PASSION?! Don't let your desires stifle your passion for GODLY things! TRASH THE HEARTBREAK SCENE! TRASSSSSHH ITTTTT!

Theres so much more meant for you then worrying about it. God loves you so much, he's got it covered, so guys, whats the point of being invovled in stuff that isnt helping your mission, young christians, your brothers and sisters need to band together as a pure youth and set out adn totally focus on winning lost souls instead of each other's affection and interest. All it does is tear each other apart. And we want to build each other up adn support each other and strengthen the body and mission.

Come on, what ever happened to the passion?

Well I don't know about you, But here's what I've got to say...

"God, My heart IS YOURS... My love... My focus... My affection. I TRUST You. I love You. Here's my heart, Take it, I know You wont break it."

Who's with me?

- Brianna Willis (Facebook)