Don't have a tonne of time to write right now, but wanted to share a few thoughts. I've been thinking (and I have to notice) that there is an epidemic in our society concerning sex before marriage (biblically called 'fornication'). The reason it is an epidemic is because it is SO VERY DAMAGING. Now, before I go any further I want to state very clearly that I believe if you have made mistakes in the past, especially before you knew Jesus and were saved from a life of sin, God is so able and willing to restore and set you up with an amazing mate and things can still be absolutely brilliant on every front. God is into restoration, BIG TIME! But the fact remains that sex outside of the covenant of marriage is massively damaging, which would explain (in my opinion) much of the alcohol and drug use in our day and age, due to the remorse and sadness and emptiness people feel because of their godless lives of sin. And the thing about a godless of life of sin is this: to be godless is to be without the relationship we were created for, a life of sin is to be trapped in a cycle of continually reaping death. Lots more to say of things which I will in later entries. In the meantime I read an interesting article titled, "A Case for Early Marrige" which I will post below.  Just click on the URL link to access the article.

"A Case for Early Marriage"