Wow, it has indeed been 2 days since I wrote on my 'blog'.  Dang! :P  I wanted to write in it every day. Isn't that like life sometimes though?  Ever wanted to do something so well, only to fail?  It happens to me all the time, so much even that I'm quite used to it.  Actually, the more I walk with God the more I get 'comfortable at failing'... let me explain.

One time I was driving down the road after a mega fail moment (by mega fail I mean I probably missed God or disobeyed in an area and was feeling super bad, funny though how I don't even remember at all what I did) and I'm growling at my car steering wheel.  God then softly asks me, "Josh, who are the most successful people in life?"

I grunt back, "Prolly those who never fail."

He softly answers back, "No Josh, it is those who fail the most, because they are the recipients of the most grace."

Ahhhh.  A sigh of relief washes over me.

That was years ago when that happened, and I keep on failing and keep on receiving grace.  But at this juncture I MUST qualify a 'fail moment' in the context that you receive more grace because of it. 

A fail moment is NOT: I go out and sin purposely and come back to God and he pours out his grace on me and I grow in Christ...

ENHHHH (that's the sound of a buzzer buzzing you the WRONG ANSWER!!!) That doesn't happen!  When you sin on purpose, what happens is you reap pain and death and destruction because of it, UNLESS you cry out to God to do a miracle and supernaturally remove the law of 'sowing and reaping' from operating in that situation.  He doesn't have to remove it, but he may in his mercy.  Or he may let you reap the consequences of the sin that you've sowed to teach you NOT to do it anymore, because he loves you.  Check out Galatians 6:1-10 in the Bible for greater understanding of the spiritual law of sowing and reaping.

A fail moment IS: I am serving and loving God with all I am and I hit a place where I miss obeying God or mess something up when I was really giving it my best.  (Examples could be: I yelled at my mom, I missed a witnessing opportunity I knew God was leading me into, I swore, I ate too much pizza :P)  In such cases, I need to REPENT and do my best to make it right.  In other words, obey what God is telling me to do.

I remember a time when God was telling me to talk to a CAS lady (Children Aid Worker) that my mom was dealing with because she is a foster parent.  Guess what?  You guessed it... I chickened out :(.  I went to God in repentance and he said to me, "Go down to the CAS building tomorrow and talk to her then, if you repent."  Or something like that.  Ouch!  I knew he was right.  If I truly repented (repent means: change the way you think) and I wanted to obey God, he was mercifully giving me another opportunity!  Yeah God!  (Now I count it a privelege and honour that God would even speak to ME to go and do HIS bidding, such as talk to someone about him, pray for someone.. whatever he may ask of me)  So I did it, and it was good!  The point is: I learned to do what God tells me IN THE MOMENT he is asking me to do it, because then I save time and money on gas and I can rest knowing I obeyed the first time he asks :).  But even when I have missed it, I just keep on going forward and saying to God, "Okay God, what now."  He is so faithful to give me the next instruction or set of instructions, ALWAYS!

See, when you 'go after God', in other words, when you are serving and loving Jesus with passion and stepping out as your hear his voice and receive his instructions in the course of your day, you will notice bumps along the way.  Some of those bumps are bigger than others.

The point: NEVER STOP!  It's not how you start, it matter HOW YOU FINISH!  KEEP GOING!  KEEP RUNNING THE RACE!  THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

The more you step out, the more you may fail, but the more grace you'll receive, the more you'll grow in Christ!

Keep growing, keep learning.  Let's go for it guys, I want to hear some testimonies of what God is doing in your lives!!!