I am learning. I am learning that there is nothing else worth pursuing but the reality (realness) of God.  He is so real.  He is so authentic.  He is so genuine.  He is so trustworthy.  He is so good.  He is so great.  He is so amazing, and funny, and loving, and tender, and merciful, and beautiful, and lovely, and uhhh, words cannot express him.

I make the decision today like never before to live for my God and bear as much fruit (works that last for eternity) as his amazing grace will enable me to bear.  I encourage you to do the following if you desire to connect with God, hear his wonderful voice, and know his perfect will for your life.

1) read your Bible as much as you can (Genesis to Revelation)

2) ask the Holy Spirit to make his word (the Bible) come alive to you and pray (talk to God) from your heart, asking him questions and waiting on him

3) get plugged into a youth group or church that is passionate and where you sense the presence of God and genuine love in the people

This is a journey, but we are out to prove that God lives and there really are multitudes of people that want to live for his awesome glory!

Keep going!...